Dude is lucky to make love to a couple of really slutty teens

You gotta feel lucky and awed when your honey says she wants to try something new and introduces you to her smoking sexy bisexual daughter. Bud always suspected his sweetheart loved it both ways,but he never thought she'd be the one to offer a threesome.

He can't just sit there and watch..

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13 Aug 2020

Sehr lecker <3


15 Aug 2020

mmmmmmm sexy :)


15 Aug 2020

Just watched the movie again with a mate we had get our kit off and sit and masturbate eachother that blokes nice little bum in the end we have just given eachother a full blowjob just wishing we were with that teenage lad. Hope you other boys have as much fun as we have just had!!!!!


20 Aug 2020

Me too! So adorable in these...


26 Aug 2020

wooooow... so sexy!


16 Sep 2020

great to watch a handsome guy like him do his core business, which is licking and fucking. His rosy cheeks are so sweet. Would love to hold that as while he fucks.


17 Sep 2020

Older guys are so attractive!!!


18 Sep 2020

That guy is so beautiful .. And his butt is irresistable - would like to slide my dick right into his bum crack and up his guy hole :)


25 Sep 2020

I would like for that beautiful guy to pound my virgin butt hole.


16 Oct 2020

That's her step-bro . I have the whole movie .


20 Oct 2020

Wanna make her pregnant !


9 Nov 2020

Fuck that is beautiful


26 Nov 2020

Someone know, what is her name?

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