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25 Aug 2020

The slut is so beautiful!


28 Sep 2020

Pure beauty! Pure purrrrrfection!


9 Nov 2020

I'd be happy to fuck her! ;o)


13 Nov 2020

A dream of a real babe :)


30 Nov 2020

What's her name?


9 Dec 2020

Super beautiful and reminds me of thembekile my coworker they look alike.. I used to fuck the cunt everyday when she comes from work she'll come to my house to get laid


13 Dec 2020

Poor old Hornygranny needs UncleDale's Cock!


27 Dec 2020

The lady is lovely , amazing body


6 Jan 2021

This is a fun movie. The lead-in sets the stage as we see that this slut has been neglected by her hubby. Nice black-on-black sex with a respectably long cock. Not a monster for a nigger, but plenty big for the rest of us. She talks real nice. Web cam work and sound are nice . No distracting background music, just the sounds of sex. Somewhat unrealistic in that this man is just going to the bathroom to piss and takes long enough to fuck in multiple positions without being missed by his buddies. Also, the bed keeps hitting the wall, isn't that a sure sign that someone is using the bed? Get past that and it is nice sex. Fun to see a movie with a nigger cheating another nigger!! And with a black lady who does not have the permission of her hubby to cuckold him. Just sexy thoughts. Nice to see the nigger go down on that black snatch--i guess he is pretty sure it has not been used lately. The cum scene is also nice . Overall, this movie is an 8 for vanilla sex\/cuckolding and for bondage fans like me it is a 6 for general interest and fun.


6 Jan 2021

She s adorable


27 Jan 2021

her name is LoliPop


28 Jan 2021

Super nice movie


16 Feb 2021

What a Goddess


22 Feb 2021

What a lovely lady

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