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11 Aug 2020

This is deliberate ("tiny cock") to make boys feel inadequate, have less self confidence, and as a result not have a lady of their own, but stay indoors and watch (and pay for) their porno more :\/ don't swallow their propaganda bullshit.


16 Aug 2020

Well she deserves a gigantic cock but she did well for that little dick.. Nice post.


27 Aug 2020

Well at least you got the adorable lady part right.


2 Sep 2020

The slut is beautiful , and that is a nice dick.


22 Sep 2020

Thats a wonderful dick! It´s by far not tiny or small!


24 Oct 2020

Thats a "tiny dick ? " by whose standards?


1 Nov 2020

little ?! You must be out of your damn mind!


13 Nov 2020

little , are u mad...... Nice milf tho


15 Nov 2020

Who is this fine piece of butt ? Pm me her name please!!!???!!!

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