Dude is giving his drunken girlfriend up to be fucked by some stranger

When Kostya's daughter agreed to sleep with his friend to earn the money for a sea trip he thought he'd be able to take it not knowing that there's nothing more horrible for a man than watching his beloved one lick another boyfriend and spread her vagina to take his penis.

He wanted to stop

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7 Aug 2020

He looks like my first so I would think about him as I use to fuck with him. He was also tiny but still made me cum alot. Sometimes its not about the size.


15 Aug 2020

Shes amazingly beautiful .


17 Sep 2020

im 85% sure this kid is mentally retarded


18 Sep 2020

whats with the gay pride colours tattoo on his chest ????


10 Oct 2020

Pathetic. And what's with the condom???? If there's a condom it aint porno!!


2 Nov 2020

This was pretty fucking awkward.


8 Nov 2020

My favorite movie!


10 Dec 2020

I educated, I too, it went much faster!


23 Dec 2020

Every guy should have a mommy or an aunt like that...


26 Dec 2020

She should have. Poor thing was drained well enough to my standards.


5 Jan 2021

That kids pathetic! I wish I had a movie of my 35 yr. Old aunt fucking me when I was 13. She taught me how to lick cunt , she sucked my dick , and I creampied her very hairy cunt!


13 Jan 2021

Fortunately, I had an aunt jenny like this one,,, beautiful and beautiful


13 Jan 2021

poor kid. Stage fright


23 Mar 2021

That was just idiotic this is wild


23 Mar 2021

The chick is sexy he is not


6 Apr 2021

He cant get hard with this godess what the hell try with a men guy


22 Apr 2021

She did a fair few videos, but they are mostly cuckolding\/femdom type stuff(some of it with bi men) in low quality as far as I know. Not seen a decent quality 15min movie of her doing normal straight porno without a dude using a blow-up doll beside her fucking another guy-a shame she focused on that stuff in my opinion. Don't ask me for a name in comments, names get things deleted.


2 May 2021

I am sorry but xhamster has this guy's name wrong. I checked over on iafd and beautiful movies, this is not the cody lockheart that shows up over there. I will continue to search to find him.


6 May 2021

how is this even a porn video kid is pathetic


15 May 2021

Listed as gay pornstar under his name, that can be gathered from another copy of this movie .


16 Jul 2021

Names get things deleted, do it in PM not in comments


18 Jul 2021

That was so sad. Teenage and couldnt get hard to a lady like that.


26 Jul 2021

I would like you to give me a first fuck. Please add me.


29 Jul 2021

Where did you find it out from?

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