Dude is in the bathroom to finger blond girl and fuck her in the ass

There are girls who don’t like anal and then there are girls who have tried it. Every girl out here realizes that she in fact loves anal and Alka discovered it ages ago. She is now your regular anal-loving slut and in this scene you can see her getting her daily dose of asshole-stretching

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20 Aug 2020

So nice.... Love that babe


24 Aug 2020

Fat or pregnant?


9 Sep 2020

I love the cock pounding her open pussy and lets me think of her pink that I want.


9 Oct 2020

The double jointed elbows at 4:07 starteled me. Exceptional movie though


27 Oct 2020

save some for me...


12 Nov 2020

Oh yes, this is extremely desirable ^. ^


4 Dec 2020

What music play?


5 Dec 2020

love to fuck anna lovato


1 Feb 2021

She’s sexy . I love her thickness. Her butt and hips too.


6 Feb 2021

So true, bro! Not to mention the position of her legs is all wrong for initial anal penetration particularly if the gal is not properly lubricated and the gal is new to butt penetration. Patience and


10 Feb 2021

She says, "you're in my butt , you're in my butt , you're in my fucking asshole". She is loving it. She tells him "hard and slow" and he did that until she was ready... She was in the zone, didn't even care she turned the water on. This is sick .


25 Feb 2021

nice solo scene!


1 Mar 2021

There are a lot better locations to have butt penetration besides a bathroom


6 Mar 2021

Nice and tasty 


20 Mar 2021

She isn't into that kink. Not cool.


28 Mar 2021

Exceptionally hot!!!


25 Apr 2021

How would I like to be in his place.......Priceless


29 Apr 2021

Ein sehr geiler film mit einer hot frau. A very horny fim with a hot lady.


11 May 2021

Damn she is nice


13 May 2021

Would lick that twat till I die...


17 May 2021

Love her in those panties, fking sexy


23 May 2021

That gal needs training! First, when a gal you're butt-fucking calls you an ass hole - stop. (that way you lose any excitement you've built up, prolonging your fun! ) next, when she starts giving you directions - listen to her. Do exactly what she says. Take your time. Ask many questions. Make sure you're following her commands. (this also prolongs your fun, as when you concentrate on talking you get yourself back under control! ) continue literally following her directions until she understands that the only way to shorten her discomfort is to quit trying to minimize her experience and maximize your experience! Of course, she is a smart gal and knows that means you're going to be very willing to repeat the performance, but now that she has the secret of avoiding too much discomfort while getting butt-fucked 1) she won't be so reluctant to give it up, and 2) due to her being calmer she'll be much more likely to begin enjoying it, herself!


27 May 2021

He's beautiful af!


27 Jun 2021

That is a beautiful natural woman. So, so sweet. Just want to lick her whole body.


6 Jul 2021

That is so exceptionally exciting!


17 Jul 2021

Who is she 


24 Jul 2021

Gotta film in ma head now

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