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Freddie got fired and now he and his chick don't even have the money to buy groceries. He heard about this rich male who pays for sex other guys' whores and wives and wants them to watch it. His girlfriend agreed to take part in this sex adventure and a few hours later her lips were rubbing this

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14 Aug 2020

I would encourage you to go and insist you dressed like a cheap whore let everyone have a go at you before you come home and I fuck you through all the cum


23 Aug 2020

-You came already? -Just a little bit hahahahaha i died


3 Sep 2020

I need to find this kind of lady or this kind of party.


27 Oct 2020

Sharing is Caring \


3 Nov 2020

Your bfs are fortunate .


22 Nov 2020

wifey didnt came back from job in a friday and she texted me, \


15 Dec 2020

Fuck that's beautiful


28 Dec 2020

Would like her to come home from such a party with her twat full of cum and the taste of cum on her lips


1 Jan 2021

I hope this is what happens when my girlfriend goes to parties


14 Jan 2021

The kind of parties I take my sweetheart she gets impregnated like that when I'm there, I make sure of that


21 Jan 2021

Hosted a party last night with a married sluts coming by to “scope” it out before her and her hubby came to play. She said she’s not probably going to do anything with out him there... That was a lie.


14 Feb 2021

Yes! Best reason to send her alone! She comes home with all the details and a pussy full of cum!


26 Feb 2021

I let my wifey go too and it was exactly what hapenned!! And she came home full filled with spunk!! Damn.. I get mad but that was soo beautiful!! I founded that the lady is a cock boyfriend a real slutty wore and now I love it!!


16 Apr 2021

God damn..... Wonderful!


27 Apr 2021

More of her please pm me her name or links to more? TIA


9 May 2021

it true tho haha


23 Jun 2021

This is why I used to let my ex go to parties alone. I enjoyed knowing she was being used. Then I got to have her after.


30 Jun 2021

I love to date sluts like this; always an adventure!

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