Mechanic receives a really special Thank You from a teen Goddess

Yasmin just cannot take it any longer. Watching the stud`s strong hands as he gets the car wet and rubs it, it`s just too much. She`s completely wet herself and wants to be rubbed as well! Finally he starts paying attention. Having given her clit plenty of licking, he drives his fuck tool right

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10 Aug 2020

Obviously having a nice bum runs in the family xx


11 Aug 2020

es muss ja schon passen, sonst ist es unsinn und das braucht und will niemand. frech gesagt: ich spiele auch seeeeehr gerne mit einem busen. ;-)


16 Aug 2020

warum nicht????


25 Aug 2020

astonishing nice job my friend


27 Nov 2020

And what they show of themselves is very good looking too.


28 Nov 2020

ich ich ich........oder hast schon eigene Tochter..???


16 Dec 2020

nur bumsen bringt was.....


26 Jan 2021

Always nice to hear the thank yous and the respect in her voice. 


3 Mar 2021

Her voice is so non-real and annoying I have to turn the sound off


4 Mar 2021

versohlst du deine Tochter,bevor du sie fickst?


14 Mar 2021

Exactly, what a stupid bitch!


15 Mar 2021

Yes, amazing man the gal is so beautiful when whipping her butt


24 Mar 2021

ich denke, du traust dich nicht.................


24 Mar 2021

This is perfect , most boys doing amateur videos are weak minded shallow idiots, but so far what I have seen from this particular fellow plump dad has been perfect . He has his lovely tiny whore trained perfectly and he uses her with depth, affection and logic while maintaining both of their privacy and making movies that are refreshingly proper and aesthetically pleasing with none of the usual irritating mistakes. I don't know if he is aware of how he is doing it or if he just has nice instincts, but these movies are some of the best I have seen in a long time. This is a role model for how boys should should train their girls. It's a thing of beauty.


8 Apr 2021

could not have said it better myself. i relate to him in the same ways


7 Jun 2021

von wem hat sie das geerbt? Mutti oder Vati?


9 Jun 2021

A nice daughter for father


9 Jun 2021

nice taste, honor and logic are rare but those who have them need to preserve them as a tradition.


20 Jun 2021

du bezeichnest deine eigene Tochter als \


25 Jun 2021

ich ficke sie ja nicht :-)


14 Jul 2021

fucked her nicely


20 Jul 2021

Very fortunate father

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