Ramming innocent teen ass is the kinkiest thing a man ca possibly do

Dana make sure her boyfriend stays hard between fucking sessions by sucking his dick for a little. He's just happy he can say he finally fucked her. Dana's boyfriend has been waiting to fuck her for the longest time. She's wanted to wait though. Today she decided to change things and starts to..

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11 Aug 2020

This is deliberate ("tiny cock") to make boys feel inadequate, have less self confidence, and as a result not have a lady of their own, but stay indoors and watch (and pay for) their porno more :\/ don't swallow their propaganda bullshit.


16 Aug 2020

Well she deserves a gigantic cock but she did well for that little dick.. Nice post.


27 Aug 2020

Well at least you got the adorable lady part right.


2 Sep 2020

The slut is beautiful , and that is a nice dick.


22 Sep 2020

Thats a wonderful dick! It´s by far not tiny or small!


24 Oct 2020

Thats a "tiny dick ? " by whose standards?


1 Nov 2020

little ?! You must be out of your damn mind!


13 Nov 2020

little , are u mad...... Nice milf tho


15 Nov 2020

Who is this fine piece of butt ? Pm me her name please!!!???!!!


5 Dec 2020

If that is little god help the rest of us this is funny


13 Dec 2020

Not small . You need spectacles.


22 Dec 2020

Wish my cock was that "tiny".


27 Dec 2020

O mommy , I'd be happy to tap that, the chick is diamond, if you want to "follow" her, see how she gets wild on whorecam. Us. To her nickname is : sweetcleo588


3 Jan 2021

Its normal size cock , what the fuck ?


20 Jan 2021

If that's a "tiny" cock there is no hope for us all. That is a perfectly normal size dick and she seems to be very much in love with it. He mouth fucks her like a new inmate at 11:40 and cums on her face like it was on fire.


19 Feb 2021

Ha! I was thinking I was gonna be the first to disagree about the "tiny" part. But that sure as hell is not small . That's probably the average penis size. Sometimes it's more arousing to watch that instead of these monster cocks too.


30 Mar 2021

That's nowhere near a small cock! Bigger than average and massive too


9 Apr 2021

sexi whore, would luv to ass fuck that bitch XXX


13 Apr 2021

Damn monumental mommy, would get all my money!!


18 Apr 2021

I don't know about the whole little cock thing, but nice movie regardless. She naturally works that cock


21 Apr 2021

wonderful babe but shame the dude gets bored of her in the end and decides to have a masturbate instead.


5 Jun 2021

Tiny cock? I don't think so. More like a FABULOUS cock. I wish I was that girl! mmmmm...


4 Jul 2021

I'm 8" so I must be close to small as well then this is spoiled


4 Jul 2021

amazing cocksucking with a nice facial


14 Jul 2021

That dick is not tiny . S a bi male ide welcome that beautiful thing.


14 Jul 2021

Everyone else covered it but I'll throw my 2 cents in too, this is weird . Average penis size is 5" to 6" and there is no standard by race. Mami has been with strong, teenage black guys that were packing 6" and 150 lb. White runts that had 9+". The dick in this movie was a healthy 7" or bigger, for all you guys out there don't ever concern yourself with this issue, just work with what god gave you. Fyi... I used to pack a nice 8" but over they years it's dropped to 7" and I don't care if it gets smaller cuz it still gives me pleasure :)

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