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Now that he can sat I fucked her finally he's going to hit it in as many positions as he can. Right now he's smashing her pussy from behind. Dana's boyfriend has been waiting to fuck her for the longest time. She's wanted to wait though. Today she decided to change things and starts to tease him.

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5 Aug 2020

What a slut , she didn't even let him cum!


13 Aug 2020

So beautiful . I need a submissive cuck hubby.


14 Aug 2020

You just know husband goes next and then the bull for thirds and husband finishes with wet fourth, sweetheart totally fucked


18 Aug 2020

What an incredibly beautiful , sexual , sensuous movie, one of the best on xhamster in my opinion. I'd also say it is sexy but the sexy part begins when I suck my baby's dripping used cunt once the black bull or bulls are finished using her temporarily when I make love to her as I am the only man that can make love to her, which is exactly why I label myself as a wittol! Look it up if you are unfamiliar with the word and it's definition. Peace dr art innate provides and so do i! Always go with god!!! Aza aza aza!!!


22 Aug 2020

we\\i want her!!


24 Aug 2020

Say goodbye to your wife bloke she was loving that black dick and you are going to lose her to it, that was a nice scene of fucking let's hope that his black sperm reached an egg and put a little black baby inside her


24 Aug 2020

Un pensamiento lleno de verdad y que responde a una realidad ,nada que ver el matrimonio con el sexo que pueda mantener la esposa con otros hombres que desee, es un acierto el que eso se produzca sin que pueda tener consecuencias negativas.


1 Sep 2020

I hope I'll be in her shoes one day that would make my hubby so so happy


3 Sep 2020

Strangly attractive...


6 Sep 2020

He should tell that silly cunt, "your mum's a much hotter fuck than you are, so why don't you piss off!!!.


9 Sep 2020

I'll bet that cunt taste tasteful after he filled it with black seed. I love black cum and white pussy juice mixed together. It taste wonderful .


17 Sep 2020

amazing solo scene!


25 Sep 2020

nice body - nipples and so horny face


6 Oct 2020

Every time a superior black man thoroughly fucks and cums in a white cunt , there are thousands of us little cock white blokes craving, fantasizing, desiring and jerking off to the thought of cleaning up the cream pie.


24 Oct 2020

I can't count how many times I have cum watching her! I enjoyed the movie she did at the gynecologist, sexy so extremely nice!!!!!!!!


5 Nov 2020

I need to get bred by a big black cock


25 Nov 2020

That moment you realize you both say I love you to your big black dick bull after insemination... This is sick


30 Nov 2020

This is what its all about. The wifey finding once again her sexual connection for sex. Monogamish marriage does this for her. She has and loves and keeps her hubby for all the nice marriage things. Stability, reliability, making a home, a life, love and affection with her hubby. But then she also has the sexual all the time also. The black bull for excitement, edge, exploration, novelty.... And sex she would never do with her hubby. Marriage made more exceptional .


3 Dec 2020

supersexy kleine Muschi.


18 Dec 2020

Nice mommy n if your sweetheart left u give me her telepnone no the lady is so nice


27 Dec 2020

soll sich nicht so anstellen. bleibt doch in der Familie


2 Jan 2021

Only the tip? Just jam it in her pink cunt


11 Jan 2021

Awesome missionary


29 Jan 2021

Wow< that's one gorgeous mature lady, esp. The lovely twat!


31 Jan 2021

wonderful ... Nice fucking... Shame we did not see the pie...


14 Feb 2021

So beautiful! This makes me horny :>


14 Feb 2021

adorable , so much passion


4 Mar 2021

I love sucking black bull cum from my wife's cunt and his dick .


8 Mar 2021

I love stroking his back and butt when he still cum inside me    Very sensuous


16 Mar 2021

wonder if I should try this once?


18 Mar 2021

I love this cougar , her soft boobs & her hairy cunt . I'd fuck her any day!


13 Apr 2021

wish you are around


15 Apr 2021

You should definitely try once, but once you go black you never go back this is wild


24 Apr 2021

oh myyyyy!! love when that happens.......


26 Apr 2021

same thing happened to me


2 May 2021

amazing clip the lady is an brilliant lady


5 May 2021

The dream of every cuck to see his wifey being fucked this way! The best i've ever seen.


13 May 2021

Another black breeding, the way it should be


2 Jun 2021

So true and have told my wifey this and know she has done it in the past but now she says she doesn't want to cheat on me. I have told her it isn't cheating when I know and approve and even encourage her to do it so she can have the pleasure I know my little half hard white cock can't provide.


10 Jun 2021

Tatana husova fun alone and together hubby's mother-in-law was alone in the house and thought about having a shower. She did not expect anyone, so she was walking around naked, letting her body be caressed by the warm air. As she was enjoying the warm water, hubby came. They bumped into each other, one naked, both confused. She did not waste the opportunity and acted hot , making the husband harder than wood with all the perverted nature of the situation. They had some earth-shattering sex, and then wifey came, nearly tearing the place down in the rage! Mywifesmom


17 Jun 2021

I had chosen for the mature cunt too.


23 Jun 2021

What the fuck a old whore in a shower and in russian? Get the fuck real


24 Jun 2021

Nothing compares to having a big black dick cumming inside you! Love it so!


4 Jul 2021

That is a powerful bull. She opened her legs wide to accept his gigantic prick .


17 Jul 2021

beautiful blonde beauty petite sexy nice tender tasty teen * * * * * poet peter


26 Jul 2021

Damn still a beautiful movie........... Ty

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